Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...

Tuesday Night, Feb. 22

It's snowing in Paris! It's really really cold but it's really really pretty! It's that I'm-walking-around-inside-a-snow-globe kind of snow! In the afternoon, it's all swirling down in soft little flakes that somehow don't seemto be all that wet, and there's a line of four-year-olds following their teacher across the street to L'Ecole Maternelle, looking like, well, little rosy-cheeked French babies! And at midnight, you're walking under the archway along the place de Voges, your toes are frozen inside your high-heeled boots but you feel happy as Christmas! Maybe you've been spending too much time with Carolyn Heinze because you're talking about yourself in second person and using lots of exclamation points and feeling all bubbly about being in Paris! And hey, you don't have the flu anymore, finally! Now Michele has it, poor thing! And she's flying to Korea on Friday! Okay, enough already!

So ... the red hat and lipstick and the dancing on Friday night did the trick, and by Saturday evening I felt well enough to go to Carolyn Bazzini's birthday dinner at Marie et Edith. Which was lovely, even though Carolyn didn't let me wear the tiara or wave the magic wand. We ate like queens and we giggled like, well, Americans.

On Sunday I felt even better, and met Ian and Sophie at the Musee Carnavalet in the afternoon for a harp and voice concert, then drinks at Cafe Boucheron afterwards. On Monday, I led my petite poetry workshop, then met Jenny Huxta and Carolyn Heinze at a cafe in Beauborg for warm spiced wine.

This evening, I met Louise Thunin at her pied-a-terre in the 15th, then we took the metro (a very long metro ride) together to the Bastille for the Paris launch party for Lisa Pasold's book, Weave. Everyone was there! (Oops!) It turns out that Ian knows Lisa and her husband Bremner through the music scene, and Anne Pawle knows Ian through the Welsh community, and oh, I've known Jenny Huxta since she was 19 and landed on my doorstep in L.A. at the end of a solo cross-country drive! Everyone knows everyone somehow! And Lisa read beautifully and we all drank wine and ate gingerbread and Ian and I pretended to speak Polish and then Louise and Anne and I went to a little cafe and I ate a really BIG salad!

And Genevieve Altamirano is in Paris! I'm going to see her tomorrow and we're going to visit the tomb of ... St. Genevieve! And then we might do some shopping together! And today was the 30th birthday of my nephew Jimmy's wife, Mandy! Happy Birthday Mandy! And soon, in America, tomorrow -- though it's already tomorrow in America here -- it will be the birthday of Brendan Constantine! Happy Birthday, Brendan Constantine! I love you!

And speaking of friends ... I got the very sad news earlier this week that my friend Ron Hendricks had passed away in Atlanta. I hadn't even known he wasn't well. He was a good friend to me, especially at a time when I needed a good friend, and I'll miss him and I wish I'd been a better friend to him. I wish we'd managed to put together the city-wide poetry reading by kids that we always talked about putting together. I'm glad he left us his poems, which are fine and funny and big-hearted and sweet as Ron was. I'm glad I knew him.

Sweet dreams et mille bisous ...


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