Sunday, February 20, 2005

Cure For The Flu: New Hat & Red Lipstick

Friday, Feb. 18

I've been sick all week and I'm really really sick of being sick. I woke up on Monday morning feeling as if I'd been hit by a truck. Actually, I barely woke up. I stayed awake just long enough to determine how awful I felt and rolled over and slept for most of the day. So I spent Valentine's Day in bed, which might not have been so bad if I'd had some BON-BONS.

On Tuesday I thought I was better, so Louise Thunin came by in the late afternoon, according to plan, and we had tea and then went to the BritishCouncil together for the Pharos publication party and reading. I made it through the reading, which was good, and even most of the way through the dinner afterwards, though all I could eat was a cup of soup. Then I made my way back to the Marais and went back to bed. My only consolation has been that I'm reading Everthing Is Illuminated, which is surreal and hilarious and suddenly heart-breaking.

I'd promised Jenny Huxta that we'd celebrate her 28th birthday with a hen party here on Thursday evening, and by Thursday evening I was ready for some company and some diversion from my misery. So all the girls came with snacks and wine and we ate and drank and talked until 1 a.m.

Today I felt no better, physically, and my crabbiness had reached epidemic proportions. Joe called to see if I was going to Sonia's big surprise birthday party in the evening and I whined to him and let him talk me into going. He agreed to come around and collect me at 8. I figured I might get him to carry me if I couldn't walk.

Then I ventured out to pick up my computer -- finally repaired -- and a gift for Sonia. And I stopped at a little shop on rue Vielle du Temple that had some adorable hats in the window. I told the saleswoman I was sick but determined to go out this evening, and needed a hat. Of course, nothing looked adorable on me. But she fixed me up with a little red number and told me to try some red lipstick, too. Voila, a French cure for the flu -- a chic new hat and red lipstick. Now why hadn't I thought of that?

I was determined to fix myself up and look presentable for the party, even if it meant trimming my bangs with a breadknife. I trimmed my bangs with a breadknife. Don't laugh till you've tried it. And the red lipstick DID help. And Joe didn't carry me to the metro, much as I whined.

We were among the first to arrive at the Indian-Latino (yes) restaurant off rue St. Anne. Joe asked the bartender to fix me up with a "grog." It took a couple of tries, and I think what I finally got was a hot mojito, but it started to work some kind of magic. When the bar filled up, we all went downstairs to the "cave" and waited for Shakil to bring Sonia. She was very, very surprised and very, very pleased to see 50 or so of her closest friends crammed into the cave drinking cocktails. If she doesn't marry Shakil, I will, even though I keep swearing I'm not going to get married again. He's gorgeous and sweet and he really knows how to do the twist. But I'm getting ahead of myself ...

So we were served tapas and then buriyana -- all of which took a very long time, and though I was happier after I ate, I was STILL crabby. The cute dj in the next room was playing bangra music way too loud. Then he started playing classic American rock 'n roll. And I decided, well, to DANCE. I did the jitterbug with Adrian and the twist with a sexy blonde Frenchwoman and a lot of French guys did the twist together and smoked cigars at the same time. They are SO talented. Then I introduced them to the concept of the "soul train." Well, some of them got the concept and some of them didn't, but everyone was having fun. Actually, this is the third or fourth time I've attempted to introduce the soul train into French culture. I'm sure they'll catch on eventually.

I made it all the way to the cake and champagne and feel no worse for it. In fact, I feel better than I have all week. Maybe it was the hat and lipstick? Maybe the cure is red hat, lipstick, soul train, cake, champagne, in that order? We'll see how I feel tomorrow. Sweet dreams.


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The red lipstick is a miracle!!!lol

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